The 517 series is designed in the glacier geology of the St. Iulias National Park in Alaska, overlooking the glacier, and the straight ice trough bottoms create a stunning concave shape; the 517 series faces this The unconstrained elements combine the minimalist line slenderness with the cast long hinges and the tubular handles are mounted in a concave shape.The minimalist visual shock and the hardware accessories are robust, and the personality is flat and straight. The color embellishment and the ultra-white glass are transparent and integrated into one another.

Product size : (600-1000) x (700-1000) x (1850-2000)
Glass thickness : 6mm(8mm)
Hardware/Alum. color : Chrome/Matt Black
Adjustment size : 10mm
Right and Left reversible / Easy clean glass optional / Customized size


1.Silk full-frame aluminum profiles ,door opened inside and outside , convenient and simple;

2.The combined structural design of frame material and wall profile, adjustment 10mm;

3.6MM tempered glass, light and smooth opening and closing door, long service life;

4.Exquisite 304 stainless steel pairing handle, economical and practical;

5.304 S.S top and bottom shaft, waterproof sealing strip under door, simple and sealed