The 863 series relies on a circular shape to blend minimalist style with traditional bathroom space; the 863 Series eliminates the simple track and profile wall structure, adding resistance to bending forces and adjustable functional details. Better finished the shape. The idea originates from the wavy 863 in the eastern part of Haideng on the western of Australia. The huge circular arc that falls over the ground is about 15 meters high and about 110 meters long. It stands on a bare, dry land, leaving a reddish-brown, Black, yellow and gray stripes, black is particularly bright in the morning sun; if the delicate handle of the semi-circular tube highlights the splendor of the surrounding profiles, the overall sense of harmony and harmony is even more exciting and joyful.

Product size : (800-1200)x(800-1200)x(1850-2000)
Glass thickness : 6mm (8mm)
Hardware/Alum. color : Matt Black / Chrome
Adjustment size : 20mm
Right and Left reversible / Easy clean glass optional / Customized size

1. Standard full-frame aluminum in matte black paint process, black rubber strip, more high-grade;

2. The combined structure design of frame material and wall profile can effectively adjust the wall within 15mm;

3. standard 6MM tempered glass, push and pull light and smooth, long service life;

4, exquisite handle, beautiful and practical;

5. The upper and lower rollers structure can adjust the height of the glass door to prevent the derailment.