The Moriso series is based on the paintings created by Impressionism. Reflecting realism and excluding rudeness, advocating exquisite expression and delicateness and slightly gorgeous, it is the quiet beauty expressed by the Morriso series. It not only uses the structure to interpret the zoom of the space, but also makes the light lines smooth and dynamic, jumping out of the sense of stability and fashion.

Product size : (1100-1600) x (700-1000) x (1850-2000)
Glass thickness : 8mm (6mm)
Hardware/Alum. color : Chrome
Adjustment size : 15mm
Right and Left reversible / Easy clean glass optional / Customized size


1.Adopting the linkagerollerto walk on the rail structure, realize thefunction of opening the gate in the small space of the linkage door;

2. The movable door can be adjusted up and down to correct the wall surface error;

3. The lower rail is equipped with strip , which is closely matched with the door bottom hook; reducing noise and reducing sway;

4, the combination of wall profile and frame profile can be adjusted within 15mm; effectively correct the wall surface error;

5, using soft magnetic strips and hidden magnetic strip design, appearance, good water proof.