The 703 series has simple lines and a single style that breaks through the minimalist style. The overlapping lines are like waterfalls. The 703 Falls (also known as the Chulun Meru Waterfall) on the Chulun River, a tributary of the Caroni River on the Guyana Plateau, goes out to sea. The silver dragon is flexible and charming; the 703 series uses narrow hanging clips and narrow framed walls, the simple and fashionable lines are from top to bottom. The 979 meters drop, the Chulun Meru Waterfall is hovering between the mountains and cliffs. The volley hangs down; the application of linkage technology and the coordination of the door and bottom accessories, even if the space is opened, even if the water splashes, the water mist is complete, and the harmony is also complete.The matt black symmetrical layout is like a gorgeous rainbow.

Product size :(700-1400) x (1850-2000)
Glass thickness : 6mm/8mm
Hardware/Alum. color : Chrome/Matt Black
Adjustment size : 20mm
Right and Left reversible / Easy clean glass optional / Customized size


1.Frame & wall profile design, wall deviate adjustment

2.Support bar, U shape fix parts, simple design